What’s your story?

Every PR practitioner relies on a good story. Without a story, we have nothing to say and no one is listening. The story is the holy grail of PR. Stories open doors, they make journalists and other influencers want to speak to us, make time for us and talk about us. When they talk about you, your services or your product- you get more attention, attract more customers and sell more. Everyone’s a winner.

But what if you don’t have a story?

This is where PR can help. As PR people, we are good at finding the story. We can dig deeper and ask the right questions, look at what else is happening in your industry, line of work and beyond.

And PR isn’t just about column inches anymore. Done right, PR can help you make the right connections in the right place to expand your business- whether this is buyers, sellers, customers, clients or influencers. PR can help widen your network, looking into options you might not have considered, events you should be attending and opportunities you might not be aware of.

Taking some time out from your day to really think about your business in terms of the story you can tell and how you tell it can really help focus your business strategy too. If you think about who you need to speak to, how your business helps that audience, where those people can be found and how you can best reach them, you’re already thinking like a PR pro.

If you want help to figure out your story and how to tell it- get in touch. We’re here to help. And we love a good story. x