What’s in a name?

So. Here we are. Finally launched. Riff Raff Communications, with our fancy new web site, email address, social media accounts and trademark. So grown up.

I feel as if I haven’t really been able to kick this venture off until I had this website up and running fully. So with the help of someone who knows my technical limits know no bounds, he set to work (thank you Cookehouse). Despite being my own boss for the last seven years, I’ve never actually needed a website. But this little business is different.

It’s a nod to my 20 plus years experience, hard graft in the corporate world, battles fought in the boardroom with people who never really understood the ‘value’ of PR. This time there is more at stake. A family. A husband and a baby, two cats. So with a new venture came a business name change. We played around with all sorts.

But the name we kept coming back to was Riff Raff.

Now, whilst we are neither disreputable nor undesirable, Riff Raff is the name I affectionately call my son, Rafferty. But it is also a nod to those who have left behind the ‘proper’ working world in pursuit of something less formal. An opportunity to be more flexible that allows work to fit in around your lifestyle. Businesses like this one, born from a desire to have more control over our 9-5, Monday to Friday. Something which allows us to be more creative and passionate in our working life.

So, there you have it. That’s us. Riff Raff Communications. Loud and proud.