How we work

Tell us your hopes and fears for your brand and we can figure out how to help grow your business with a solid communications strategy . Then we can make your aspiring brand an aspirational one.

Working in collaboration with you so our plans move with yours. That’s why we have three pricing structures; small, medium and large.

You choose which package suits you for right now. You can dial it up or down as you need to because we know that in business,  things can change quickly.

Small steps

You’re just starting out and need to know what you should be doing to get your business noticed. Or you’ve been going for a while and haven’t had a chance to sit down and plan what comes next.

This package will offer you a basic PR strategy containing some simple things to carry out yourself. It might be a media target list, some content planning or some advice on how to talk about your product/service/brand.


Your business is pretty established and you want to take it to the next level, but how?  We will brainstorm ideas for you that fit in with your brand strategy. Don’t have a brand strategy? Maybe that’s where we should start.

Go Large

You’re blossoming and you need to keep it that way. We offer a content creation service around a brand campaign to really get you in the spotlight and keep you there.

Or perhaps you’re doing a great job juggling the day-to-day tasks but need help meeting your  social media demands. In that case, this is the package for you.

Every package is tailored to your specific business. You don’t have to go down the package route, so if you need something you can’t see here, get in touch.

This is how we work.